The GIS Toolbox

Shape File Creator XL is a spreadsheet that creates an ESRI point shape file from coordinates and as many attributes as you want. This is a very useful little tool. Latest update:
Shape File Creator XL (14.02.05)

Control Point Calculator XL is a spreadsheet that calculates the coordinates of a point on a map using the distances from the nearest grid line. Latest update:
Control Point Calculator (16.11.03)

World File Creator XL is a spreadsheet for calculating the contents of world files used to georeference scanned maps in ArcView GIS. Tip: align the scan carefully to minimize georeferencing errors. Latest update:
World File Creator XL (16.11.03)

For a free GIS program visit the Esri ArcExplorer™ website. ArcExplorer™ can easily create maps using data that is freely available from the internet. Start with ArcData online. To download detailed digital maps of any country in the world visit The GIS Data Depot®.